Service Essentials


Basic Vehicle Service
Appointment Necessary
*Conditions Apply

  • Replace Oil & Filter (10/30 Oil)
  • Test Cooling System
  • Air Filter Inspected & Cleaned
  • Check all fluid levels and top up
  • Check all tyre pressures including spare
  • Does not include European Vehicles
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Service Deluxe


Full Vehicle Service
Appointment Necessary
*Conditions Apply

  • Includes Basic Service Plus the following:
  • Check all V-Belts, Lights, Wipers & Washer Fluid
  • Check under vehicle
  • Check headlights, visual check of brakes & spark plugs
  • Rotate tyres where required
  • Test brake fluid
  • Chassis lubrication including all hinges & latches
  • Test battery & alternator
  • Check air conditioning
  • Includes full car valet
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Engine Tune Up


Increase Power & Efficiency
Appointment Necessary
*Conditions Apply

  • Test cooling system & visual check hoses
  • Air filter inspected & cleaned
  • Check all V-Belts
  • Spark pugs inspected
  • Visual inspection of fuel filter
  • Check coils and ignition
  • Test all leads
  • Test distributor cap
  • Compression Test
  • Bore Testing
  • ECU Scan
  • Engine Tune
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You are more than welcome to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee and relax in our waiting room for your vehicle work to be completed. Alternatively, we have a range of loan vehicles which are able to be used. These are usually in high demand, so please let us know as early as possible if you wish to use one.

Standard Packages

Full Service+Transmission Flush

$545.00+gst Yearly
  • Includes the deluxe service
  • Check all transmission
  • Complete transmission flush
  • Change transmission fluid

Free Vehicle Inspection

$0.00 Yearly
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
  • Completed by Qualified Mechanics
  • Full Report Provided

Free Vehicle Inspection